Google's John Mueller shakes head to illustrate response of someone to poor quality content

Using Google Translate to Autogenerate Content material?

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Google’s Mueller was requested a query about utilizing Google Translate to create content material in one other language. He steered there could also be a top quality challenge and expanded his reply to reframe the problem as being about spam.

Is Content material Created With Google Translate Thought-about Duplicate?

The individual asking the query first stated that he needed to convert an English language website to German and requested if there can be any issues associated to duplicate content material.

The primary query:

“…I have an English website. So now I want to make a German website. I want to ask this question about duplicate content issues.

So I have German content. Then… suppose use a translator like Google Translate to translate. So will Google tell me it is duplicate?”

Mueller answered:

“No. If it’s translated content it’s not duplicate content.”

He subsequent addressed the problem of utilizing Google Translate for creating the German content material from English content material.

John Mueller:

“I think that’s a different problem then, though.

So just in general, translated content is unique content. It’s different words, different letters on the page, so it’s different content.

Depending on how you translate it, that would be more of a quality issue.

So if you use an automatic translating tool and you just translate your whole website automatically into a different language then probably we would see that as a lower quality website because often the translations are not that great.

But if you take a translation tool and then you rework it with maybe translators who know the language and you create a better version of that content, then that’s perfectly fine.”

Google Translate Content material Can Lead to Handbook Actions

What’s fascinating is how Mueller reframed the thought from the viewpoint of autogenerating content material.

Mueller turns this into one thing that’s about greater than the considerably obscure idea of “quality content,” it now turns into about violating one of many huge spam guidelines, which is the prohibition on publishing autogenerated content material.

That is now a dialog that’s clearly about spam.

John Mueller continued his reply:

“And I imagine, over time, the translation tools will get better so that it works a little bit better. But at least for the moment, if you just automatically translate it, from a quality point of view, that would be problematic.

And even a step further, if that’s something that is done at scale, then the web spam team might step in and say, this is automatically generated content, we don’t want to index it.”

The individual asking the query then steered doing a translation and having a freelancer redo the content material.

Mueller replied by discussing high quality in content material.

He answered:

“I think that’s a good start. But I think you have to consider the quality aspect.

Just like what kind of content you would expect in your own language.

Like if you’re searching in your language and you find a page and you read it,and it’s like…”

At this level Mueller shook his head to visualize the response of a consumer to low high quality content material.

Google’s John Mueller Illustrating Response to Poor High quality Content material

Google's John Mueller shakes head to illustrate response of someone to poor quality contentJohn Mueller shakes his head to illustrate the response of a consumer to low high quality content material

Mueller continued:

“I don’t know who wrote this. This doesn’t make much sense. Then you wouldn’t trust that page, right?

Essentially it’s the same thing. You’re creating content for German users and if they look at it and say, “oh, this doesn’t make much sense then they’re going to go somewhere else.”

Google Translate for Autogenerating Content material Can End in Handbook Motion

John Mueller didn’t encourage the individual to use Google Translate for creating content material in numerous languages.

Google Translate works nice for speaking the which means of a web page however it isn’t an ideal translation and it actually does learn awkwardly.

It’s simple to perceive that utilizing Google Translate for content material creation may not be a good suggestion simply due to the content material high quality challenge.

John Mueller took the reply a step additional by suggesting that utilizing Google Translate at scale may lead to a handbook motion for autogenerated content material.


Watch Mueller reply query about utilizing Google Translate to create web site content material

Dialogue begins on the 5:44 minute mark


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