Google: No Limit to Page Indexing For One Site

Google: No Limit to Page Indexing For One Site

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Google says there’s no restrict to what number of static HTML pages it might index from one web site.

The topic of indexing limits is the main target of the most recent installment of Ask Googlebot on YouTube.

Google’s John Mueller solutions a query about whether or not there’s a most restrict for indexing pages from a single web site, and briefly discusses the variations between static and dynamic content material.

Right here’s extra from the most recent episode of Ask Googlebot.

Does Google Have a Max Limit on Page Indexing For One Site?

No, there is no such thing as a restrict to what number of pages Google is able to indexing from one web site.

The query submitted to Google is restricted to static pages, however Mueller says the identical applies to dynamic pages.

Whether or not a web page is dynamic or static doesn’t matter to Google as a result of it might’t inform the distinction.

Websites will typically strive to disguise dynamic pages as static pages by including a .html extension, however Mueller says that isn’t crucial.

Whereas there aren’t any limits for indexing, Google will focus its sources the place it makes probably the most sense.

Mueller offers an instance {that a} model new web site with thousands and thousands of pages possible gained’t get all its content material listed straight away. That’s as a result of Google doesn’t but have an concept of what worth the location’s content material offers to the online.

Then again, Google doesn’t have any reservations when it comes to indexing pages from a longtime web site with confirmed worth.

Mueller’s recommendation to web site homeowners is to produce “awesome” content material so Google’s algorithms comprehend it’s price spending the sources to get all of it listed in search outcomes.

Hear his full assertion within the video beneath:

Partial transcript:

“In short, no, there is no limit. But let’s take a quick moment to cover two related topics. First, static pages versus dynamic pages. When content is made available to search engines they don’t know if it’s from a static page, so a file that was added and has never changed, or if it’s created by something on the server, so a dynamic page. We can’t tell, and it doesn’t matter to search engines either way.

Sometimes site try to make dynamic pages appear to be static pages by adding an HTML extension, but that doesn’t change anything. There’s no need to do that.

The other aspect is a limit for indexing. We don’t have any limits for indexing. However, we do try to focus our resources in places where we think they make sense. With that in mind, our algorithms will generally try to focus indexing on pages that make sense to be indexed.

So if it’s a completely new website we probably won’t go off and index millions of pages. However, if we’ve seen that it’s worthwhile, we’ll be happy to do just that.

This process is fully automated, so if you’re building out your website our advice would be to make sure it’s awesome so that our algorithms easily understand that it’s worth spending a bit more time to get it all indexed and shown in search.”


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