Google's John Mueller Explaining How to Target a Specific Country for Ranking

Google Explains How to Target a Specific Country

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Google’s John Mueller was requested what’s the fitting manner to goal a particular nation with a web site. The particular person asking the query requested if a nation code high degree area particular to the nation and the situation of the internet hosting was vital.


Geotargeting is a reference to the apply of focusing on a web site (or part of a web site) to a particular nation.

There are advantages to geotargeting. Many individuals belief and really feel comfortable with a web site that’s focused at a particular nation, notably with a nation code high degree area (ccTLD) that’s particular to their nation.

Geotargeting additionally permits a marketer to section their viewers by nation.

Google’s John Mueller Shares Two Methods to Geotarget a Country

Google's John Mueller Explaining How to Target a Specific Country for RankingGoogle’s John Mueller shares two methods to goal a particular nation for rating functions

Country Code High Degree Area (cc-TLD)

A rustic code high degree area, generally often called ccTLD is a area title that’s particular to a nation.

It’s totally different from the extra widespread generic high degree domains (gTLDs), domains that include, .com, .web and .org, plus others, that can be utilized in any nation.

A ccTLD is a area that’s particular to a nation and tells customers in that nation that the web site is particular to a nation.

Is a ccTLD Needed to Rank in a Specific Country?

The particular person asking the query needed to rank a website in a particular nation.

He used Germany for instance nation in his query.

Right here is the query:

“…regarding web hosting and domain registration.

Suppose I want to launch a site in Germany… is it required that I get a dot DE domain registered in Germany and website hosted in Germany for SEO?”

Google’s John Mueller didn’t hesitate or pause to assume earlier than answering. His reply was unambiguous.

He mentioned that there are two methods to geotarget a particular nation.

John Mueller answered:

“No, it’s not required.

In general, if you want to use geotargeting there, there are two ways to do that.

One is to use the country level top-level domain, which would dot DE for Germany in that case.

The other is to use a generic top-level domain and to use a geotargeting setting in search console.

So that could be, for example, a dot Com website or dot Net or dot Info or dot EU or whatever.

Any of those would also work and then you just set geotargeting for Germany.”

Is Internet hosting in a Country Required for Rating in that Country?

John Mueller subsequent mentioned internet hosting necessities, noting that internet hosting within the focused nation was a requirement previously however that’s now not required.


“The hosting location is also not required.

That’s something that way in the early days before we had the setting in Search Console, we used the hosting location as a way to guess which country the website might be targeting.

But nowadays… I don’t think that’s used at all.

And with a content delivery network if you have kind of a fancy international website, then the hosting location doesn’t matter anyway because you always have some local presence automatically.”

Google Search Console has a simple manner to assist publishers goal international locations.

In accordance to Google’s international targeting developer page:

International Targeting Report
Use the International Targeting report to monitor your hreflang errors, or to choose a country that should be prioritized for your search results.

This report has the following sections:

  • The Language section: Monitor the usage and errors of hreflang tags on your site.
  • The Country section: Set a site-wide country target for your entire site, if desired.”

The Google Search Console Worldwide Concentrating on Report makes it simple to goal a particular nation for rating in Google.


Managing Multi-regional and Multilingual Sites

Google Search Console International Targeting Report

Watch Mueller reply the query on the 1:08 minute mark



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